Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Handley's "pretend" birthday

At the school the teachers go above and beyond to make everyone feel special.  That's one thing I have just always loved about this pre-school.  Summer birthdays are no exception.  It doesn't matter if your birthday falls during the summer, the teachers arrange for those students to have a "pretend birthday" celebration in their classes.

Today was Handley's day for her pretend birthday and she was really excited to get to help make treats, wear a birthday crown and stand in a chair while everyone sang Happy Birthday to her.

Hudson and I joined the class after lunch for the singing and short celebration. Hudson adores Handley's teachers and walks into the classroom like he owns the place.  The other students really love Hudson, too and are always trying to get him to give them high-fives.  He sat right at the table with the big kids and ate his treat with them.

I just had to include a picture of Harper because she just looked so cute today.  Like my BFF Jen and I keep saying, we are going to WILL IT WARM with our fashion.  Enough of the cold - bring on SUMMER! :-)

***Edited to Add***
Tonight Handley came out of her bed crying and said she was just so sad because our house isn't selling and because we can't get a dog.  A little history - Since saying goodbye to Sydney (our 14 year old Golden Retriever) a year and 1/2 ago we have all be talking about and wanting another dog.  However, all along I have said that two things needed to happen before we would seriously search for one. 1) We must be moved and settled in our new house and 2) Hudson had to be at least 2 years old.  After talking to her I thought she had calmed back down and gone to bed, but then as I was walking near her room a little while later she was sobbing in her bed.  Robby and I talked to her and she said she was just really sad and really missed Sydney and really wanted another dog.  She hasn't brought up Sydney in a while so it just broke my heart.  Of course I had to do a search for a picture of Handley with Sydney to post tonight and I ended up taking a walk down memory lane and becoming quite emotional myself about missing our old girl.  Handley is sleeping with one of her stuffed animals that is a dog tonight and I'm praying this house gets sold quick so I can make good on my promise!

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Julie, the mama said...

oh gosh, one minute I was going to say how awesome your school always sounded, then I was going to say how adorable Harper looked in that closeup and now I have tears rolling down my eyes about Sydney. Geez. Talk about a range of emotions.

I've been wanting y'all to see that house so you could get everyone situated in school next year, but now I'm just wanting you to sell it so y'all can get another dog!