Friday, May 10, 2013

iPhone pictures from our day

The Kindergarten classes were supposed to have water fun as part of their field day last week, but because of the really cold weather they rescheduled that part for today.  When Handley was picking out her swimsuit and cover-up for today she told me she knew exactly how she wanted to wear her hair.  Just like her friend, Annabelle, did the day before with pig-tails and ribbons tied in big bows!  So that is what we did this morning. :-)  She sure did look cute and from the reports I got, Water Day was tons of fun.  

Harper and Hudson were super jealous that I was taking a picture of Handley without them so they both ran over to pose for a picture before heading to school.  It is kind of blurry, but it made me laugh seeing Harper's pose and I can just hear Hudson saying "cheeeeeeese!!!" like he does every time I want to take his picture.

The girls made the mistake of telling Hudson that he would be going to his gymnastics class today.  I usually wait and tell when we are on our way, because otherwise he just asks non-stop and doesn't understand that it isn't time to go yet.  He was thrilled when it was finally time to go and even more happy when he saw all of his friends. 

Besides me rearranging my morning to get the house ready for a last minute showing and the people just NOT showing up, Hudson having a melt-down in the Post Office this afternoon and me seriously threatening the girls to NOT come out of their beds after I tell them goodnight, we had a great rest of the day.  The girls and I did some crafts while Hudson napped and then we had a play date with some of the neighbors on our street.  And, tomorrow is FRIDAY so we are all excited about the weekend!

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Renee said...

That last paragraph sounds a lot like our days. Surely it is true that we will look back and laugh at these days!