Friday, May 17, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation!

What a crazy day!  Not only was it the last day of school, but Hudson had his last tumbling class today, Harper had her party, Handley had gymnastics and then they had the end-of-the-year ceremony and Handley's Kindergarten Graduation!  We are so proud of our little graduate!

Gigi was sweet enough to come over and watch Hudson part of the day and then was able to come with us for the ceremony tonight, which was as precious as ever.

Each age group sang several songs.  Tonight at dinner Harper was scarfing down her food so I mentioned to her that she must have been really hungry.  She replied, "No, I just want to eat good so I can sing really good tonight."  Makes sense, right?  She did a great job singing and looked so sweet up on the stage!

The Kindergarten classes signed to "What a Wonderful World" and then dressed in their graduation caps.  Mrs. Cindi called out each person's name to receive their certificates and then they sang, "First Grade, First Grade" to the tune of "New York, New York."

I definitely got teary during the graduation part tonight.  I've been an emotional wreck all day thinking about this being the last day of school.  This pre-school has been a huge part of our lives for the past 4 years and to think that we won't be here next year just makes me so incredibly sad. I want to believe I am making the right decision and I feel like I know in my head that it is (with regards to us moving and the logistics of everything), but in my heart I am feeling uncertain because I am going to miss the teachers, the kids, and the other parents. I can't write anything else about it right now because I know I'll start boo-hooing again, but I am just going to try to enjoy the family fun day put on by the school tomorrow and be thankful for the amazing people who have made such a positive impact on our kids.


Alison said...

Oh man. Next week is my kids last week at their preschool and they won't be there next year! I know I am making the right decision for our family as a whole but I too feel so sad about it!

Stefanie said...

I'm sure you're making the right decision for the kids but it's always hard to face change. Once you guys are all settled in it will feel so much better! I just can't get over how fast these past 6 years have flown. I still remember the first time I saw little Handley at 2 or 3 months old. Now she's turning into such a beautiful sweet little girl. I know I will blink and Sophia will be there too. ;)

max harrell said...

Congrats to pretty, sweet Handley as she graduates and prepares for 1st grade. It seems like a short time ago that our Hendley was quickly welcomed to Smyrna by Avery. We laughed when we found out that Avery's bestie was Handley. You know it my secret wish that Hendley and Handley will get to be friends. Maybe the three will be sorority sisters one day. Oh well, love and blessings to your sweet family as you enjoy each and every adventure these days. I love reading your blog, you all are really Hip Chicks and special!
Carol Harrell