Monday, October 1, 2012

A crew of his own

Most of the time, Hudson is dragged around with the girls activities and friends.  He has no problem being the center of attention among all the girls who thinks he is a cute little baby to play with.  On Mondays though, he has a crew of his own and they are quickly becoming sweet friends.

Hudson, Leah, Parker and Will are all within 9 months of each other (Hudson is the youngest) but because of the way their birthdays fall, they will all be in the same grade together come time for school. I used to feel guilty doing things with just Hudson because I always felt like I was leaving the girls out of a fun activity, but I am loving playdates with his crew and think it's so fun to see him trying to do what they do.  We've been meeting for story time at a local library and then often doing lunch at Chick-fil-a after, but we decided to go to Kangazoom instead today and let the kids get out some of their energy on this rainy day.   Hudson has played here once before and he LOVES it.  He crawls around, bounces like crazy, and thinks the giant slide is the best.  We couldn't get to the bottom before he was telling me, "more" and trying to climb back up to go again.  He also learned to say "jump" as I was repeating it over and over when I was holding his hands and helping him jump on the inflatables.

Because of the rain we had all day Handley's tennis and cheerleading were cancelled today, but it was nice to have an afternoon at home.  Hudson got a good nap, the girls got in some good playtime and I got a lot done for Harper's room mom responsibilities.

Handley said something really funny tonight.  Usually when I am putting Hudson to bed I ask the girls to stay out of his room because they will come in a million times telling or asking me random things and it always distracts Hudson because he realizes they are still playing instead of reading books and going to bed like he is.  I've told them they should only come in if it an emergency.  Well tonight Handley rushed in and said, "Mommy, it's an emergency.  Harper needs a tissue and they are all out!"  Ha!  I told her where the other replacement boxes were and off she went.  Then she came running back, "It is really an emergency now...there are no more boxes and you need to put it on your grocery list."  Haha! Love her interpretation of an emergency.

I also love all the great things she is learning in Kindergarten.  Everyday she comes home sharing different tidbits of info or songs her teacher has taught them.  She tells me that Mrs. O'Kelley LOVES to sing and makes everything into a song.  Today they learned a catchy jingle about what makes a sentence (starts with a capital letter, has a complete thought and ends with punctuation).  Tonight when we practiced her sight words I was impressed that she knew all of her Sept. and Oct. words and it's time for me to make the November words into flash cards.  I'm so thankful she has such a sweet and creative teacher!

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