Saturday, October 20, 2012

Last game and a party

Today was Handley's last cheerleading game and she is really sad that the season is over.  She asked me if she could do the basketball cheerleading they offer, but after talking with her about it she decided to go with her original plan and do dance instead starting next month.  I'm so happy she loves it though.
Running out of the tunnel and SO excited! 
I think we are all going to miss Saturday mornings at the ball field.  Harper and Hudson love getting to hang out with their friends while watching the big sisters cheer and Robby and I enjoy getting to chat with the other parents, too. 

Video of their half-time cheer today:
click here

To celebrate the last game we went to lunch with her friend Avery and their family at Stevie B's and then it was home to rest up and get ready for Will's 2nd birthday party.  My mom had these cute outfits made for the kids for UGA football season and I hoped to get a picture of all of them before we left for the party, but Hudson was not interested in a picture, so I just took some of the girls being sweet with each other instead.

Will's party was at Gymboree and the kids all had so much fun. I think Hudson had the most fun though. He walked all over the place, danced non-stop to all the music and tried hard to keep up with the activities and games they played.  It was so sweet to see him so excited and happy.

Harper has always been so sweet with Will, ever since he was a baby and today after the party I looked over and saw her arm around him as they were looking out the window.  

Handley and Hudson with the birthday boy.

This is one other video that I just happened to come across when I was downloading from my video recorder.  Watching it back made me laugh.
Hudson's car


Julie, the mama said...

ok, this blog is just slap full of cuteness, but that leg kick at the end of the cheer video is about the cutest thing I have ever seen in all my life.

oh, and Bill is green with envy over the truck. He's been wanting one of those for YEARS now.

Lizzi said...

Hudson was too cute at the party. He was so much fun to watch dancing and moving around. Will always loves hanging out with the poseners!