Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sick baby, sibling rivalry, cartwheels and boots

Pretty random title, I know, but I'm so behind on blogging because I have been totally consumed with my kids for lots of random reasons.

1.  I took Hudson back to the doctor today because I had a suspicion that his ear infections hadn't healed.  He wasn't sleeping well, was pretty unhappy, and has been really congested.  My mother's intuition was correct.  He still has a double ear infection, even with having gone through a round of antibiotics last week.  He's now on a stronger antibiotic and I'm hoping this will knock it out for sure.  While our doctor was checking his ears she also heard some slight wheezing.  As a precaution that the wheezing doesn't get worse she also prescribed an inhaler with a child's adaptor to use for a few days.  Let me just say, trying to get him to relax and breath with that thing on his face is a joke, but hopefully it will do something.

I am hoping once he gets his equilibrium back he will magically start walking by himself, but for the mean time he can push around walking toys like no other.

2. Handley and Harper, who usually are so sweet together and play together really well, have been fighting non-stop over the past week.  It's like one of them is constantly pushing the other's buttons and things quickly escalate.  I don't know what's changed that has brought on this sibling rivalry phase, but it's making me want to pull my hair out.  Between Hudson's fussiness and their whining/crying over silly little things it's really been a test of my patients.  After talking to them about it multiple times and sending them both to their rooms multiple times we finally turned the day around and got them back on track this evening.

3.  Handley has been trying to learn how to do a cartwheel for a while, but she has really been practicing like crazy over the past few weeks.  One night a few weeks ago both girls and I hung out in the playroom well after Hudson was in bed, just practicing their cartwheels!  Well all that practice has paid off because although her legs aren't straight, I'm going to "call" it and say she can do her cartwheel.  She's very proud of it, too!

4.  Harper is proud of herself, too.  Along with the jeans for fall also comes boots, her favorite footwear for fall.  Today she planned her outfit around her pink cowgirl boots and she was feeling good.  She told me multiple times, "I am SO cute in these boots!"

She has become incredibly picky about what she is going to wear.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that tonight I spent close to 45 minutes in her room with her trying on different outfit choices so she could be happy with something for school tomorrow.  Some of you might think that is crazy, but I have my reasons for not just picking something for her.  I want her to feel really happy and good in the morning and for her, I know her mood sometimes shifts if she feels "SO cute" (her words).  Last week she cried every day at pre-school drop-off because she told me she wanted to just stay with me instead of going to school.  She walked in willingly, but she was sobbing and I just hate leaving her like that.  However, her teachers say she is totally fine once she gets going with their day, but I want to get her back to being happy about going to school.  I think we are on the right track because she did a little better on Monday.


Renee said...

We had to do an inhaler with Sam at this same age. No one told me until his last treatment that he could leave his pacifier in with the mask on. If Hudson takes a pacifier that might help keep him calm. It was so hard!!

And I feel for you and the sibling fighting!! It is so frustrating!!!

Sharon said...

You certainly have your hands full! Hope that Hudson is doing better and that the girls are on better terms.

Julie, the mama said...

Harper is most definitely "So cute" in that outfit, and in everything that gorgeous girl puts on, but I know how it is when they FEEL cute.

And poor Hudson and those ears. Don't you just know that hurts like the dickens. I bet he will start running all over the place when they clear up. Boss didn't start walking until 14 months because of ear situations.

We are also way into cartwheels right now, and if practice really did make perfect, Hendley should be on track for the Olympics right about now. My hamstrings hurt just watching her do that over and over and over again.

You know how this sibling fighting thing is - like everything else in parenting - a phase. It IS funny how the more difficult phases always seem to last the longest though.

Alison said...

Three kids is consuming! I am impressed you are able to do as much as you do. I am glad to hear that the girls are doing better. We constantly talk about being "best brothers" in my house. There is nothing worse when they are at each other's throats though... and for some reason the tattling bothers me the most!