Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hudson's walking and hobbing

We had a big day, but probably the most exciting thing that happened today was Hudson taking about 6-8 steps on his own, multiple times.  This week he has taken a a few here and there, but for him to really do it when I was encouraging him to walk to me (instead of sitting down and refusing) was a first.  As soon as he plopped down he stood right back up and said, "more!"  He's proud of himself and we are proud of him, too!  I hope over the next few days he will gain even more confidence on his feet.    This is, by far, the most anticipated milestone any of my three kids has reached.

Handley was supposed to go home with her friend after school, but her newborn baby sister got sick so Grace and her little brother ended up playing at our house for a few hours this afternoon instead.  Hudson napped the entire time they were here and the four of the big kids played and played and played.  It was a fun afternoon for the girls and they were so happy to have playmates here.

Tonight while Harper was in her dance class Handley, Hudson and I walked over to the Dunkin Donuts that is right next door.  Hudson got to taste his first donut and he was pretty impressed.  He ate the frosting off the top of his half and then wanted some more.

Something I've been meaning to capture is what the girls call "hobbing."  I think Harper coined the name and it just stuck for some reason.  When Hudson is being playful with the girls he does this thing where he chases them around and basically rams them and tries to knock them over.  He usually does it when they are sitting on the floor and they are more on his level, but he's been known to "hob" out of the blue when they are standing up, too.  Sometimes he acts like he is going to bite them, but never does...just opens his mouth wide and puts his mouth on their legs, etc.  It's so weird and I'm not sure what started this, but he thinks it's hilarious and so do they.

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Stefanie said...

yay for Hudson walking!!! Can't wait to see that.