Saturday, October 27, 2012

How 'bout them DAWGS?!?!?

Tonight we had SO much fun cheering the DAWGS on as they defeated the Florida Gators.  I love that the girls get really into the games and are super excited about our team.  Hudson even said his version of, "Go Dawgs, woof - woof" repeatedly tonight.  We are raising them right! My mom and I snapped these pictures quickly with our phones as we were celebrating right after the win.

We spent the morning at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for the Scarecrows in the Garden exhibit.  Companies, schools and organizations all over down decorate and create scarecrows and they are displayed all throughout the gardens.  It's fun to see how creative people can be and all of the different scarecrows.  Trey and Stefanie joined us this morning, too and Harper was glued to Stefanie's side the entire time.

There just happened to be a lot of children's activities going on in the Children's Garden portion of the gardens and the girls loved it.  They got to play games like pumpkin bowling, get their hands painted with pumpkins, make owl hats and check out dried gourds.  All of that on top of the play areas already there made for an exciting morning.

Reading their maps and figuring out which way to go.

The girls wanted to pretend to be scarecrows with one of the displays. 

We spent the afternoon playing outside and enjoying the cooler fall weather before cheering on the Dawgs and grilling out steaks for dinner.  It was a pretty fantastic day.

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