Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happier days

I'm so happy to share that the girls have been on much better terms the past two days and I can only hope that it continues.  It does my heart good to see all the kids sweetly playing together.  

Hudson seemed to be doing better yesterday, but today he was so fussy.  A lot of that is probably because he doesn't get a good nap on Thursdays due to Handley's gymnastics class, but I'm certainly hoping that tomorrow is a happier day for him.

He still isn't eating that much and finished his dinner pretty quickly tonight.  I got him out of his chair and let him crawl around and play while the girls and I finished up.  He found the box of tissues and proceeded to pull out every single one.  Is it bad that I knew he was doing it and just pretended not to see so I could have a few minutes to eat my dinner in peace???  It was an easy mess to clean up, so totally worth the few minutes of quiet, in my opinion.

Big news today was that Harper walked into school with no tears!   (First time in two weeks.)  On Thursday mornings the girls have chapel at school and the parents are invited to come, if they wish.  It's a big deal to the kids because if their parents are there they get to sit with them instead of with their class.  I knew trying to keep Hudson quiet and sitting in the pew would be challenging, but I had promised the girls I would come today and I'm so happy I did.  Hudson did fine and they were so happy to walk in and see me and I was happy to get to share that time with them.  Just as I expected, when it was time for me to leave Harper got upset, but I talked to her teacher later that afternoon and she said she was fine shortly after I left. The lesson today was about obeying and I was able to remind them of that several times throughout the day and I could see them change their actions after each little reminder, resulting in them playing together so great all day.

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Ashleigh Finger said...

I so feel you ignoring the mess for a little peace! Kate loves to destroy the puzzles Cohen has so I'm constantly putting them back together but it's a fair trade for a "me" moment:)