Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Party Day

It was a two party kind of day.  Handley's class Fall party was today.  Gigi was sweet enough to come meet me at Harper's gymnastics class so she could bring Harper and Hudson home while I went off to the school for Handley's class.  

It was pretty much the same set-up as Harper's party yesterday.  They had Chick-fil-a nuggets for lunch, played a few games and did a couple of crafts.  The main difference though is that Handley's class only has 9 students so it was a much calmer atmosphere.  

She was excited to wear her Wendy costume today and did NOT want to take it off this afternoon when we got home.  I take that as a good thing and it makes me happy since I spent so long making it. 

Handley and Grace, aka Wendy and Rapunzel 

***It's no secret that we like to match or coordinate in our house and the same holds true for Halloween. We went with a Peter Pan theme this year.  Handley had seen Peter Pan at the Fox with Gigi this summer and really wanted to be Wendy.  Harper had already talked about being a fairy and we had a green fairy costume so that worked perfectly for Tinkerbell. I could not find a Wendy costume anywhere though and all the Peter Pan costumes for Hudson were too big so I ended up making hers and Hudson's. I can't wait for them to all dress up together tomorrow night!

This afternoon our playgroup had a Halloween party and the hostess, Deanna, did an amazing job.  She goes over the top and the same was true today.  As we walked in there was a "spooky" room for the kids to explore.  There was a haunted house covered with spider webs made out of big boxes and inside were light-up spiders. She also had a strobe light blinking and lots of orange Halloween (Christmas) lights in there.  The kids LOVED it.  There were also crafts and tons of goodies to eat and drink.  

Reece and Harper hard at work on their craft.

We love all of our sweet friends and feel so lucky to be able to do such fun things with them all!

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