Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The return of jeans

Cooler weather only means one thing to Harper...the return of JEANS!!! (By far her favorite article of clothing.)

Some of you may remember that last year my girl became obsessed with wearing jeans and begged to wear them every.single.day.  I think they look adorable on her, but it became a struggle when she didn't want to wear any of her cute dresses or other outfits.  I was wondering if the attraction would fade away over the summer, but no chance in that happening.  With some of the cooler mornings we were having she had been asking me about jeans and Monday morning when she came into my bathroom to see me wearing jeans she immediately asked if she could change from her skirt to jeans.  I told her that when she got home from school she could change and that was the last anything was mentioned about changing.  However, hours later the very first thing she said when we walked in the door yesterday afternoon was, "I'm going up to change into my jeans!"  Haha!  She cracks me up.  She asked to wear jeans today all day and I let her since it was going to be a little cooler.  That right there was enough to make her day! She was a little hesitant to wear her favorite ones because she told me she wanted to "save" them so she could wear them to school, but I assured her that it would be too hot for jeans over the next few days and I would be sure to wash them in time for the next cool day at school.


Stefanie said...

I love harper's obsession with jeans! Too cute!

Julie, the mama said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! I wondered if the love affair with jeans would last through the summer. She sure does look cute in those jeans!

Sharon said...

Harper is just too cute in those jeans! What a great advertisement it would make - a model is born!!! (hahahaha) Sharon