Friday, October 26, 2012

Mimi and Dadaw are here!

Harper's class was studying the farm this week, so yesterday they got to dress up like farmers.  I thought she looked so cute!  I drew freckles on her cheeks with eyeliner and all day she kept calling them her pickles instead of her freckles. 

While that was pretty exciting for a Thursday, the most exciting thing was when we got home from Handley's gymnastics class and Mimi and Dadaw had arrived.  We've been waiting for them to come all week and were so happy they were finally here.

Today I kept Handley home from school so she could spend time with them.  We spent part of the day at Northpoint Mall and had all kinds of fun there.  The girls got to tour through the American Girl store and Mimi was sweet enough to let them each pick out one thing.  Harper got a little dog for her doll and Handley got a cute Halloween outfit for hers.  The kids rode the carousel and played at the indoor play area.

Tonight my cousin, Bryn, came over for dinner.  She is SO sweet to my kids and they just adore her!  She painted the girls' nails and then played hair salon with them, which they loved. She stays really busy with work, but I'm hoping we can start getting together more often.

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