Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cagle's Family Farm

This afternoon we made our way north to Cagle's Farm with our friends Jen, Justen, and Parker.  I'd heard of this farm outing before, but this was our first visit.

When we first arrived we rushed to hop on the very last farm tour hayride for the day.  I'm so happy we made it in time because it was our favorite part of the day.

We got to see a dog heard sheep and cows and the cows came right up to us.  Hudson was AMAZED.

He loves animals and spends so much time looking at his animal books.  It was really neat for Robby and I to see him experiencing these animals up close and personal for the very first time.  He kept pointing and smiling and was really excited.  The cows were so comfortable with us that they were eating hay off the hayride when we stopped.  Hudson was pretty comfortable with them too because he wanted to reach right out and grab a hold of the cows.

The girls thought the cow's big tongues were so funny.

After the ride we got to feed goats, baby cows and baby pigs.  Handley's favorite animal is a pig so she was really excited to see them up close and to be able to feed them.

Next the kids got to pick a small pumpkin and then we made our way to the corn maze, which was a first for us.  Basically they carve a giant walking maze into the corn field and there are trivia questions along the way to help you figure out which way to go.  The questions were pretty tough though so we just went with our guts on which way to turn.  We made it through pretty quickly, but not without reaching a few dead-ends.  Handley loved the maze and had fun leading the way for our group.

Before we left the kids got to jump on the jumping pillow (large inflatable bouncy thing that is flush with the ground).  They kept bumping into one another and getting "hurt" so we decided it was time to head out.  Plus, it was dinner time so we stopped for some BBQ on the way home to fill everyone's bellies and that gave all the kids the extra burst of energy they needed to end the night with some crazy playing in the back of Justen's truck.  They had fun pretending it was the hayride and saying, "yee haw!"

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