Saturday, October 20, 2012

Robby's new ride

Today we said goodbye to the "Gray Old Beast" (aka "Cream Puff").  It had been a great car for us, but it was time to part ways.

Here is Robby's new ride:

He's been talking about a truck for a while, but I was honest with him and just didn't see him driving one. However, he kept bringing it up and because we have so many requirements for a car (including towing capacity for our boat) it made since.  I told him that I loved my car and wanted him to love his, too. If that meant a truck, then a truck it was.  He picked it up this evening and the kids are loving it as much as he is.  They think playing in the back is so much fun and Handley kept saying, "this truck is just so cool."

This morning while Handley was at school Harper, Hudson and I went to a new store opening for RT. It's right down the road from the preschool, so I know we'll be frequenting it for frozen yogurt and other treats.  Today Harper got to spin the prize wheel, see her friend Morgan and eat frozen yogurt.  Hudson loved seeing Robby and sharing the yogurt with Harper.  It was a fun way to spend our morning.

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