Thursday, August 29, 2013

Harper's Homework and Babysteps for Hudson's

Hudson started pouting at breakfast when he was telling me he wanted to stay at Gigi's house instead of going in the car to go to school.  Then, when it really was time to get his shoes on and go he started crying.  He was upset and knew exactly where we were going.  He was fine once we got in the car.  We dropped Harper off in the carpool line and then I parked to walk Hudson in. He kept saying, "no school" and "mommy's car" but he did walk in while he was crying. I've found that if I drag it out he just gets more upset, so a matter-of-fact "it's time to have fun at school" works better with him.  He really took it up a notch when we reached his class, but after a quick hug and a kiss I handed him over to his teachers.  I had to take something to Harper's class that she had forgotten so on my way out I walked near Hudson's room and listened for crying, but it was quiet so I hoped he would be OK.

I couldn't wait to pick him up and hear how his day went.  His teachers reported that he did even better today than on Tuesday.  He still felt most comfortable sitting in the stroller a lot of the day, but he participated in several activities today and these little baby steps are going to get him used to being there and being happy to participate all day!  Today he climbed out of the stroller to join in with their creative movement class and then ran right back to the stroller when the class was over.  I also was told that he did the craft project and was a big fan of the glue sticks.  He was really proud to show everyone what he made when we got home and kept telling me school was fun.

Harper is still doing awesome and just loves school.  She even has some optional homework once a week (practice letter writing sheets) and she takes it very seriously.  Tonight while she was working, Hudson sat with her and colored, which is a new favorite activity for him!

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