Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First day of 1st Grade

Today was the day!  Handley was so excited about starting first grade today and I surprisingly did really well.  When I woke her up she quickly got dressed and was ready for breakfast.  She could NOT stop smiling - she was just so happy.

Robby took her today on his way to work and I got the text from him around 7:30 that she was there and on her way.  I thought about her ALL day and couldn't wait to go pick her up and hear about her day.  Harper kept asking when it would be time to get her and I know she missed her, too.

We stayed busy with a play date today and then after lunch made our way to the school to get in the long carpool line.  Because we were in line early and because the first day took extra long we ended up waiting for close to an hour.  They let all the buses go first before they begin dismissing car riders.  BUT, the great news was that as soon as the line started moving it went quickly and when we saw Handley walking to our car she was all smiles!  She could not stop talking about how much fun she had and how wonderful first grade was.  I was so happy to know she had a great day and loved hearing about all the details of her day.  She met several new sweet friends and said her teachers were really nice.  I'm so happy for her and so thankful that her first day was a wonderful experience!


Renee said...

She looks so cute!! So glad her first day went well.

Julie, the mama said...

RELIEF! I never doubted, but boy is it good to read this GREAT report.

Here's to hoping tomorrow - and every day after - is equally as great.

Jennifer said...

I am so glad she had such an awesome first day!! :)

max harrell said...

Awesome report, Your first grader looked like a bright ray of sunshine on her first day. I am just hoping that new friendships are right around the corner. She and Hendley will have many conversations together about their experiences when they are sorority sisters one day. Oh, oh the places they will go. Life is so good, your kids are blessed with a wonderful family!