Saturday, August 17, 2013

Friday Fun

TGIF!  I am SO happy that tomorrow is the weekend and we can finally have a day to sleep in. I am not a morning person, so getting up before the sun each day to get Handley ready for school is rough on me. I am a night person. I get my second wind after the kids go to bed and start working on projects, blogging or just having a few moments of peace and silence.  I have always cherished my time at night because I'm the only one awake and it's my "me" time.  Another reason I end up staying up so late is the fact that I am not really able to be here during the day because of the long drive. When I leave in the morning to take the kids to pre-school, I am gone until we get home from picking up Handley from school or after their extra curricular activities in the afternoons/evenings.  SO, all of the things I would normally do during the day (laundry, grocery shopping, etc.) has to be crammed into the evenings, making for late nights for me.  The kids all take after me.  Yesterday when I got Hudson up he immediately said, "more bed" and Harper told me today she was so happy that she could sleep in tomorrow that she might just sleep all the way until lunch!

Handley had her first school spirit day today so she was excited to wear her new school t-shirt.  

Harper had a few tears before walking into class yesterday and today, but came home telling me how much fun she had and didn't even mention the tears again.  In fact, today when she was talking to my mom on the phone she told her that some boys and girls in her class walk in the class crying because they are sad.  When my mom asked her if she did that, Harper told her, "No!  I love's going great." 

To celebrate the end of her first week I took her for frozen yogurt. It is extremely rare that the two of us get one-on-one time, so I was happy to take her to get her favorite treat.  

Gigi kept Hudson today so I could go to a room rep meeting at Handley's school.  He was so happy to have her all to himself all day, but was super excited when we pulled in the driveway this afternoon.  We spent a lot of the evening outside so the kids could play.  They stayed entertained practicing to jump rope and pretending to be friends going on a run together.  Hudson was happy as can be to play along with their games.  

***Notice the kids in August!  Well apparently Atlanta hit a new record for temperatures set on this day.  The high was only 67 degrees, so it felt very chilly to us, especially when the week started out with temperatures in the 90's!



Sua familia é realmente linda! Parabens, vc tem muita sorte!


Sua familia é realmente linda! Parabens, vc tem muita sorte!

Julie, the mama said...

ok, the pic of them pretending to be friends on a run made me so tickled I had to go back and read the blog again to remember what I was going to say.

I hear you on the early morning thing. OH MY WORD, I had trouble getting Hendley out my front door to the bus stop at 9:05 last year, and I have to have her at school BEFORE 8 this year. I could cry just thinking about it.

I also stay up LATE, and my kids all like to sleep late. If you find a solution for making this easier, please let me know.

And yay for rare one on one time!