Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Stroller at School

We had such a wonderful weekend and the week has just flow by since we've been back.  We were at the lake for the weekend and had perfect weather!

The kids had a blast swimming, trying to paddle board, dancing to fun music on the boat and the girls even wake-boarded. Harper was tired after one try, but Handley did awesome this time and got up on her first try!  We were so proud of her and she was so proud of herself.  I even gave it a whirl since I haven't done it all summer.

We had the best company and loved hanging out with Jen, Justen and Parker all weekend.  The best last minute surprise was Trey, Stefanie, and Sophia deciding to join us for Saturday night and Sunday on the water.  This was Sophia's first boat ride and she seemed to love it.  She was SO good all day and even got a little tube ride in!

Monday was back to the grind with early morning wake-ups and school.  Gigi offered to keep Hudson though so he wouldn't have to be dragged around in the car all day and it turned out to be a great plan. Since we had gotten home late on Sunday night he was exhausted from the weekend and sleeping in on Monday was just what he needed.  Harper has been thrilled to go to school this week because she is the snack helper or the "snacker" as she likes to call it.  She gets to bring the snacks for her whole class all week long.  She has loved picking out the snacks and helping me get it all counted and packed up to take in.

Today was a school for Hudson and as soon as he realized it was his day to go he in the parking lot he kept saying, "Mommy's car, Mommy's car!!!"  He was not interested in going to school at all and just wanted to be back safe in my car.  Poor baby was crying harder than I've ever seen him when I handed him off to his teacher.  I came back around 11 AM (when they had told me to come) and when I got to the school his class was on the playground.  I was confused to see him sitting in a stroller, but he wasn't crying, so because he didn't see me I snuck back to the car. After calling the office and having someone check with the teachers about how he was doing I got a report that he was fine so that I should just come back at pick-up time.  I took advantage of the extra hour to go running (which felt so good because it has been so long) and then was back to pick the kids up.  When I got to his class he was still sitting in the stroller holding all of his things and apparently he spent the majority of the day there. His teachers said he wasn't really interested in getting out and playing, but he didn't cry except for drop-off and he made it the whole day!!!  That was a HUGE improvement and a BIG step in the right direction. Ms. Janet said she thought he was feeling safe and secure in the stroller and I'm sure as soon as he gets even more comfortable and used to the idea of school and his classroom he will be ready to jump out of the stroller and join in the fun.  They had Mother Goose come today and read some nursery rhymes to the classes.  Ms. Janet sent a few pictures tonight of this and I laughed when I saw Hudson sitting in the stroller with his paci, lambie and his red school bag (which is supposed to be hanging up on the hooks, but he loves it so much that he always wants to hold onto it).

Of course I would rather him to be sitting and interacting with the other kids, but he is always slow to warm up to new people and new situations, so I am thrilled with how he did today and the fact he didn't cry all day long.  Harper and I made a BIG deal about him staying all day and not crying when we picked him up and he seemed embarrassed by the attention (which is normal for him) but proud to call and tell Mimi and Gigi the good news.  We celebrated with frozen yogurt!

He was also proud to show us his "Jack be Nimble" candle stick he made.  I got the impression he didn't want to do any jumping over the candle stick at school, but was obviously watching how much fun the other kids were having doing it because he put it right down and started jumping over it when we were at home.

Dance and cheerleading were also big hits today!  The girls are loving their activities and I'm happy to report that Handley did AWESOME at cheerleading tonight. I think she was just having an off day last week and winning the cheer motions Simon Says game today got her back on track and gave her the boost of confidence she was missing last week. :-)


Carrie said...

I'm so glad Hudson did better and you guys had a good weekend at the lake!

Renee said...

I bet at the end of the school year Hudson's teachers are going to look back and not even remember the hard time he is having right now!