Friday, August 23, 2013

It's almost Friday!

Today was day 4 of pre-school for Hudson and it was also day 4 of crying for him.  I've just accepted that it's going to take a little while.  For today though, he was much happier to be hanging out with his mama and eating lunch!

This time he started crying as soon as we got out of the car because he didn't want to go.  I ended up picking him up around 11 AM this morning after getting a phone call and having a nice chat with one of the ladies who works in the office at the pre-school. She had spent some time in the class with Hudson today trying to give him some one-on-one attention and see if she could get him to stop being upset.  She and the teachers offered me a few suggestions we are going to try. They said we will try every one in the book with him until we find something that will work.  

* I'm going to drop him off just a little later so that he is the last one to arrive.  This will allow him to come into a settled classroom where all the kids are having fun, playing, and there isn't any confusion/craziness of the drop-off time with people in and out and parents walking by the door.  
* I'm going to continue picking him up early and giving him a abbreviated day until we can stretch it the whole 3 hours.  
* I will be sending in a picture of myself. They said that in the past this has helped some kids when they are missing their moms and today he kept asking for me so we'll give it a try. 

When I got to the school his class was outside playing and he wasn't running around like I would normally expect him to on the playground, but he was sitting with his teacher and a few other students and not crying.  Of course when he saw me he burst into tears, but he made a point to tell his teachers bye and half hugged them, too.  He is definitely warming up to them and they told me that although he seems sad at times during the day, he follows them around and wants to be near them.  

This evening I got an email from his teacher with a few pictures she had taken of him on Tuesday eating his cupcake.  I wrote her back and told her it did my heart good to see him enjoying a little time at school without crying...even if it did involve a cupcake!  

When we picked up Handley this afternoon she was THRILLED to show us her newest prize from the fundraiser they are doing at school. It's a fun-run they have to get pledges for and she is quite the sales girl.  Every time they get a pledge, they get a prize at school the next day so she has had a lot of incentives.

We stopped for gas on our way home and also indulged in our "it's-almost-Friday" treat of frozen yogurt!  Hoping we can make it through tomorrow because I know we are all ready for the weekend!

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