Monday, August 19, 2013


Our weekend was rainy and cold, but we didn't let that stop our fun.  Harper was thrilled because she got to wear her new jeans!  Saturday morning we took the kids to see the new Disney movie, Planes.  Hudson just got the Cars movie for his birthday and he has been watching it non-stop the past few weeks.  I just knew he would love this movie.  He was really into it, until he fell asleep. Poor little guy was so tired and had a cold, so he just wasn't feeling his best.  The girls both liked it and were really happy we got to go.

After that we spent some time over at our new house cleaning up and organizing in the basement and then met Trey, Stefanie and Sophia for dinner.  We hadn't seen them in a while and Sophia has changed so much!  She's just growing bigger and bigger and gets cuter each time we see her.  She was super smiley and seemed really happy to be seeing the kids.

On our way home from dinner we stopped by Marshall's for Robby to check for something.  While he was looking I followed the kids around and could NOT stop laughing at them.  The girls were so excited to be finding all the "treasures" on the floor.  Treasures = the plastic size tags that have fallen off of the hangers that are lying on the floor under the clothes racks.  They were on the hunt and every aisle we turned down they would find more.  :-) They even got Hudson on board and excited about these little plastic treasures.  I love that it's the little things that make them so happy!

It was back to school today and both Handley and Harper had great days. Handley's school had a pep rally to kick-off their big school fun-run fundraiser and she was all excited to ask us all for pledges when she got home this afternoon.  Harper got to start staying for lunch today, which she loved, and she also tried out the morning carpool line (since traffic was so bad and we were running behind), which she also loved.  She has settled in nicely at the pre-school and I am happy that I even met what I think will become two new friends there, today.  Now, if we could only get Hudson on board, we'd be all set.  He seems happy about going and I'm hoping the third time is a charm for him tomorrow. However, if they call me to come pick him up early because he is upset, you better believe I am going to leave my Target cart (and everything in it) behind and make a beeline for the pre-school to pick him up.  I want him to love school, but he is my baby and I am going to enjoy every second of him wanting to hang out with his mama.  He was so much fun to have with me today while I was running errands and getting things done.  I seriously wish I could just freeze time right now.  I'm just LOVING the age of all three kiddos, how much fun they have with each other, and how sweet they all are together.

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Stefanie said...

That story of them finding treasures is hilarious! And I love those pictures of the girls. So sweet! Glad we got to spend time with you guys sat!