Thursday, August 29, 2013


Today was the day that Handley had been looking forward to for two weeks now.  The Boosterthon fun-run at her school is their largest fundraiser throughout the year.  The kids get pledges for every lap they will run and with each pledge they earn prizes leading up to their run.  Handley's class also won a popcorn/movie party, game day, stuffed animal day, and stinky feet day (they got to keep their shoes off in the classroom).  Along with all of the fun stuff they also had a "pep-rally" or "huddle" each day with their team to talk about important character and friendship traits.  

Everyday for the past week the Boosterthon leaders have been out during arrival and dismissal to interact with the kids and keep everyone excited about the run.  This is a BIG deal and last year the school raised closed to $80,000 with this fundraiser.  

Her grade was running first thing this morning so Hudson, Harper and I left the house early to get there in time to watch them.  I wasn't expecting an hour and 1/2 of traffic and for Harper to get car sick (something that happens to her often) or for Hudson to gag himself and get sick, too.  It was quite the morning. By the time we arrived the run was already underway, but Handley didn't even seem to notice and was so happy to see us there cheering for her.  

The run was upbeat and high energy the whole time. They had a DJ playing music and the Boosterthon leaders were out there running with the kids and announcing all sorts of fun ways to make their laps around (high five lap, limbo lap, air guitar lap, etc.)  All of the kids were loving it!  As they came around each time the teachers were there to mark off each lap on their shirts.  Handley ran 35 laps (their max) and was so proud.  

Harper started crying when it was time for us to go because she said she wanted to see Handley more.  I think she thought the Boosterthon looked like lots of fun and I assured her that next year she would get to be out there running, too! 

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Alison LeBlanc said...

What a cool fundraiser!