Thursday, August 22, 2013

Getting into the groove

Yesterday was Hudson's 3rd day of school.  He was excited to go, like aways, but this time as soon as we got to his class and his teacher took him he started crying. I hung around for a few minutes in the parking lot awaiting a call and then decided to go on with the errands I needed to run.  I kept my phone handy because I was fully expecting them to call me to pick him up. I went to surprise Handley at her school and have lunch with her.  They eat at 10:45 AM so it's really more like brunch.  She was so happy that I was able to be there and I loved seeing her with her new friends and talking with all of them during lunch.  As I was walking out of her school my phone rang and I knew it was the pre-school.  Hudson's teachers told me I was more than welcome to leave him until the pick-up time, but that he had been pretty unhappy most of the day (crying) and that I could come get him if I wanted.  I did go and he was happy to see me, but as I peeked in before letting him know I was there he was crying and semi-playing at the same time. After talking to his teachers they said he seemed to do a little better yesterday than last week. In fact, he stopped crying during their music class and really had fun with that and he apparently also stopped crying long enough to eat a cupcake the class was having for someone's birthday.  :-)  She said we'll just keep trying what we are trying and pretty soon he will be more comfortable with them and with the routine.  

After thinking a lot about him, his personality and how things are going I am going to take a different approach tomorrow. He is always excited about going in and happy to be at school.  He is also super stubborn and if he starts crying about something at home he keeps on going and going and going until I just ignore it.  Almost to prove a point that he is upset and he isn't going to give up easily. I'm half thinking that is maybe what is happening at school.  We've been talking about not crying at school.  I'm going to bribe him with a lollipop if he doesn't cry and I'm going to try the no-nonsense approach about the crying (like I do at home) and see how that goes.  Worst that will happen is that he will different than what he is already doing! Today when we went to pick up Harper we had to walk past his classroom and one his teachers was there with another class she teaches.  He recognized her and went right up to her to say "hi" and that made me so happy to see. I know he's getting more used to them and to the school each day we are there.  

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are our LONG days.  I leave the house in the morning and don't come back until about 12 hours later.  I'm tired and tired of being in the car.  The morning commute to take Harper and Hudson is an hour.  SERIOUSLY an hour every.single.morning.  It's ridiculous, but it's just what it is right now. I'm thankful that they love to watch movies, play games or do puzzles on the iPads, because otherwise, I would just hate it for them.  Once we are in our house I will never, ever, ever take for granted the 5 minute drive I will have to the schools. EVER.  

The good news is, with all of the kids activities starting up and me spending so much time in our new area I am starting to get into some sort of groove and recognizing a lot of faces everywhere I go.  Yesterday the girls had their first dance classes at their new studio and they really loved it.  They are taking at a huge studio that I used to compete against when I was dancing so it was kind of weird to be there, but I know they will learn a lot and really enjoy their classes. 

Yesterday and today was also Handley's cheerleading.  It is hard-core compared to what she did last year.  They practice twice a week and I did not know that is what we were signing up for or I wouldn't have done it because of our long commute.  They expect a lot out of the girls and we came home after practice tonight and I helped her with the cheers they have learned.  I feel like she was having a hard time focusing at practice or remembering the motions and I could tell she was feeling lost.  I know she sometimes has a hard time because she is left handed and so many things in the cheers (and dance for that matter) feel awkward for her because she lives in a right-handed world. I think she may just be a little overwhelmed, but she did great tonight when I was helping her, so hopefully that will help because she really loves cheerleading and wants to do well.  

After school and before cheerleading tonight we went by the new house for a little bit to have somewhere to play.  Handley was teaching Harper some of the cheers and Hudson was happy to push around his mower when he wasn't yelling the cheers with them.  We were so happy for sunshine and finally an afternoon with no rain! 

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