Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pre-School Meet and Greet

Friday was meet and greet at the new preschool.  Harper was really excited and couldn't wait to see her class and meet her new teachers.  They went through their morning routine and got to practice hanging up their bags on the correct hook, answering the morning question, and having a mini-circle time.  She was beaming the whole time and kept raising her hand to answer the teacher's questions.  Her teachers seem really great and her main teacher has been doing this forever and was cracking us all up.  She's a hoot and I'm so happy knowing Harper will have a great year.

While we were in Harper's class Hudson kept asking about "Hudson's teachers" because I have been talking it up like crazy with him. I really have no clue how he will do or how he will adjust.  I think he will have fun and enjoy playing at school with his friends and teachers, but I am prepared for the transition to be rough (for both of us).  When it was finally time to go see his class he was super excited. We had little gifts for each of them and he walked right into the class, gave his teachers the gifts, and then made a bee-line for the cars and racetracks that they had out for the kids to play with. He played with that almost the entire time and when he did venture out and check out some of the other toys, he held tight to the "race cars" as he likes to call them.

His teachers seem very sweet so I just hope he will do OK with them.  I can't believe my baby is going to school!  He has started doing this funny thing when he tries to smile ( see below ) but was happy to pose for a picture with each of his teachers.

When it was time to leave he gave each of his teachers a hug and was excited to get his very own school bag.  Don't you just love his new "cheese" face he likes to make.  :-)

After lunch and picking up Handley (who has had a great first week of school) we came home to get ready to see Ryaln, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Heather who are in town visiting for the weekend!  The kids picked right up where they left off and had so much fun playing and swimming together.

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Ashleigh Finger said...

It is so hard to think Hudson can start preschool! I couldn't bring myself to send Kate with Cohen going to kindergarten. I need time to slow down!!