Monday, September 2, 2013

Football season is here!

Our Friday started off awesome with our commute time cut in half!  It was such a pleasant surprise.  Harper and Hudson were really happy to be sporting their red and black in preparation for the UGA game on Saturday.  Handley had Pajama Day at her school, but she changed into her UGA shirt as soon as we got home.

Hudson had his first gymnastics class on Friday morning.  He was really excited when we were looking in the room and kept asking to go play.  The mom's sit out and watch through the window, so I really wasn't sure how he would do with this set-up...especially since he is having such a hard time at pre-school. However, he walked right in and I think having his best buddy, Parker, in there with him helped.  He had fun most of the class and got a little upset right at the end, but besides that he did great and I think he will be happy to go back next week.

Saturday we layed low part of the day and did things around here that we never have time to do (like laundry).  Then we toured a few model homes to get ideas for our house.  The kids weren't the least bit interested in this idea...until we actually got there.  They discovered all of the FUN to be had in some of the homes and took full advantage of using it like their own personal play house.  One house even had a slide going from the main floor to the basement. I couldn't believe it and neither could they!  They each took turns sliding down and then had fun playing skee ball, pretending to play cards (AKA messing up the display) and "swinging" out back.  I had to make us leave because they would have liked to stay there all day.

Next up we went to Jen and Justen's house to have dinner and watch the GA/Clemson game.  Kickoff wasn't until 8 PM, but we had promised the girls they could stay up until half-time.  All 4 kids were loving it and having fun cheering for our Bulldawgs!  The boys were acting out the football they saw taking place on TV and had so much fun running, jumping, throwing the balls and literally slamming themselves into the walls.  They all put up a fight when it was time to go home, but as soon as the car started moving they were all sound asleep.

Too bad our team couldn't pull out a win over Clemson, but we are happy that football season is finally underway and hopeful that our season only gets better.

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