Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Robby!

Today is Robby's birthday!!! He had to fly out of town bright and early this morning and since he was going to be gone on his actual birthday we did a little celebrating on Sunday evening instead.  We were not about to let a little work travel get in the way of a birthday party.  We grilled out, the kids helped decorate cupcakes and he opened a few gifts.

The girls were really into helping with the wrapping of the gifts and Hudson was really into helping with the unwrapping of the gifts.  So much so, that he ran off with one of them and the next thing I knew I heard the trash can closing. I was worried he'd thrown the whole gift in the trash, but when he ran back wearing the visor he'd just unwrapped I realized he was just getting rid of the paper and delivering they goods.  

Robby and I had our first date was the day after his 18th birthday and here we are in our early (approaching mid) thirties.  I love that we are growing older - not old, just older :-) - together.  He works so incredibly hard and such long hours, but he always makes the most of his time at home to be silly with the kids and they just love his fun and playful side.  It always makes me smile to see them all playing "dog-pile" on the floor or when I think the girls are asleep and I realize he is in their room and they are all cracking up about any and everything.  He is the most devoted, caring, fun, silly and playful dad for our kids and I couldn't ask for a more dedicated husband.  WE LOVE YOU!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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Julie, the mama said...

You two have done lots since that first date! I KNOW he had a great birthday with his GREAT family!