Sunday, September 15, 2013

Our soccer star

When it came time to choose activities for this fall, I had a hunch that Harper would be great at soccer.  She loves to run (and she's really fast), she's naturally athletic, and she's pretty rough and tumble, too.  Turns out my hunch was right because she did AWESOME at her first game today.  

One of the coaches wasn't able to attend today and since Robby was one of the first dad's there the coach asked if he would help out.  Harper loved that he was out there with her and told us later on that, "Daddy was on my team, too!"

She was really excited and earlier when I was explaining to her that it was OK to take the ball away from the other team, her eyes got really big and she said, "really?" That seemed to click and all make sense because during the game she took off and didn't stop. She was really aggressive (in a good way), pushed her way into the mix and went after the ball with full force. 

All of the girls got a turn to play goalie and she had fun with that part, too.  We were all very proud of her and loved getting to cheer her on!  

Harper is playing with one of her friends, Kendall and they were both so cute and red-faced after their game.  

After soccer we stopped for a quick lunch and then were off to cheerleading for Handley.  Each week they pick two captains for the games and she was one of the captains this week.  It was a hot by this afternoon, but the girls did great and the football players did, too.  Our team won, which is always icing on the cake.  Gigi and Papa were able to come watch Handley cheer today and she was  so happy to have them there.  

During the game Hudson and Harper had fun running around and playing.  Harper did cartwheels on the sidelines and Hudson threw his football or kicked the soccer ball non-stop. That boy is all boy! 


Renee said...

It looks like our falls are going to be very similar. Sam is playing soccer too so we are going to be back and forth between soccer games and football fields. It is going to be busy!!

Julie, the mama said...

Way to go Harper and Handley! Those soccer pictures are some of the best EVER, and I declare, that Handley is just a natural cheerleader. You can just tell how much she loves it.

Won't be long until Hudson has his own sport(s) to blog about...

Jennifer said...

So cute! How fun that Robby was able to be coach and her huddle stance is too cute! :)

Carrie said...

I wish Annabelle chose soccer over violin this year. I think she would have really liked it like Harper does. Cute, cute, cute pictures!