Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Art Barn

This morning started off bright and early when I had to get all three kids up and out of the door by 6:30 AM.  I was just painful.  I am not a morning person and neither are the kids.  Handley is the best at getting up and putting on a happy face in the morning, but it takes the other two a little bit longer to wake up.  I let them have a pajama ride and thankfully I was somehow able to keep Hudson sleeping as I moved him to the car so he slept almost an hour more, all the way until we dropped off Handley.

** I was stopped at a light when I snapped these pictures.**
I am so thankful for iPads in the morning to keep them entertained.

Chickfila drive-through for breakfast was next and then we went to Jen's house (which is somewhat close by) to eat our breakfast, get Harper and Hudson dressed, and then head off to the ART BARN with Jen and Parker.  All of our pre-schoolers are on fall break this week so we decided to plan something fun.  Sadly we kept this a big secret from Handley because I knew she would be so disappointed that she didn't get to go.

The kids loved seeing all of the animals and getting up close and personal with them.  Hudson was so happy when we first got there and then the newness wore off and he just wanted a snack.  Harper liked getting to hold the baby chicks and the egg that had just recently been laid by one of the hens.

Next up we got to take a tractor ride and that was probably Hudson's favorite part of the day.

The kids got to paint pictures of roosters in the art barn and Harper did a fantastic job following along with the steps.

After a picnic lunch it was time for us to head back to pick up Handley.  Then the regular afternoon of dance class, dinner, and cheer practice followed.  I sure do wish I was a coffee drinker because I certainly need a little something to keep me going on these long and busy days.  I'm just glad that Robby is back in town now and that tomorrow morning won't be quite as tough.


Renee said...

Harper's picture is awesome!! And my husband always tells me I need to drink coffee but I just don't see that happening.

Carrie said...

Harper's morning hair is awesome! COFFEE IS AWESOME...DRINK IT!!!