Friday, September 20, 2013

Cafeteria, School Pictures, and Spelling Tests

I really enjoyed this week having Harper and Hudson at home on their fall break.  The end of the week was a nice break away from the traffic and we got to do some fun things, too.  On Thursday I took Harper and Hudson to have lunch with Handley at school.  She was so excited to have them there and Harper was in awe of the cafeteria I had told her about since she will be at that school next year and eating the majority of her lunches there.  Harper and Hudson snacked while Handley ate (because it was still so early) and they were kind of sad to say goodbye to her when lunch was over.

That sadness didn't last long though because then we were off to meet up with Jake and Reece at a park to have a picnic and play.  We hadn't seen them since we moved so Harper was SO excited (and Hudson was pretty happy himself to have playmates).

Today Handley got her third spelling test back and her third perfect score!  She's still working to improve on the sentence writing portion of her test, but she is close to a perfect score on that part, too! She has really be working hard to improve on her math skills and got a perfect score on her math quiz last week, too. I'm so proud of her hard work and her teachers even mentioned how they could tell she was really trying her best and working hard.

She also got back her school pictures today, which turned out really cute.  She laughed when I picked her up this afternoon because the dress she had picked out to wear to school today was the same one she had her pictures made in.  When she picked it out to wear last night we couldn't remember if she had worn it to school yet, but obviously she had.  We talked about what a coincidence it was and she thought it was just so funny!

While she was at school today Harper got to have a special one-on-one day with Gigi and Hudson had a blast at his gymnastics class - his best one yet.  It was a good day all around!

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