Monday, September 30, 2013

Mimi's visit!

Last week was rough because Robby was out of town all week long, which meant I had to be out the door by 6:30 AM with all 3 kids everyday and I was just plain exhausted.  On the bright side though, Harper, Hudson and I found some great breakfast spots after we dropped off Handley at school and before pre-school started.

I felt really unorganized part of the week and we were living like gypsies.  One night we stayed at Jen and Justen's house and the kids all had so much fun having a sleep over with Parker.  Jen kept Hudson for me the next morning so I could volunteer in Handley's class.  Harper was hoping we would stay a second night because she was really disappointed when I told her we weren't.  I told her I'd only brought clothes for one night, but she had a solution to that...just wash what we have and wear it again tomorrow.  We did head back to Gigi and Papa's, but not for long, because the next day my mom flew in to town for a weekend visit.  Because she was staying at Trey and Stefanie's, they graciously offered for us to stay, too.  The kids and I spent the night on Thursday and Friday night and it was so much fun to get to see Sophia and spend time with my family.  Sophia is so cute and at such a fun age.  She is all smiles and just started crawling, so we had fun watching her do that. Plus, having my mom here was just wanted I needed after such a busy week.

***I have some really fantastic pictures to share of all the cousins together as soon as I get them from Stefanie. Oh, and also one of Trey and Handley doing toe-touches...priceless!***

Saturday morning we made the trek to Handley's away football game to watch her cheer until just after their half-time performance.

She is just loving cheerleading and her squad has really worked hard and it shows!  They look great out there.  She stayed to cheer the second half and ride home with a friend while the rest of us were off to Harper's soccer game. They were supposed to have their pictures made before the game, but because we stayed at Handley's game too long and there was road work I didn't account for, we missed the pictures.  She didn't seem to mind though and just wanted to make sure she wasn't going to miss the snack after the game. I took a few shots of her on my own though that I will get printed!

***She posed on her own. :-) ***

I think Harper was happy to have Mimi there cheering her on because she turned it on and did really great during her game.  She scored 2 goals and probably would have been more except that she thought after she got the ball to the goal box that she had to stop and let the goalie pick it up because she did that repeatedly. During one of her breaks I explained to her that she didn't have to stop there and that she could keep running/kicking all the way to the goal. After that she did just that!  I was so proud of her and she had so much fun.

Below are two videos of Harper during her game.  Because the team they played had dark green shirts on, Harper's looks yellow in the video.  Look for her blonde hair and pigtails!

This one shows her taking the ball all the way down the field:

And this one shows her scoring one of her goals:

Next up we made our way back to Trey and Stefanie's house to see Robby (who had just gotten back in town) and to cheer on our beloved Dawgs.  It was one of the most exciting and nail-biting games we have had in a while and we were so happy we pulled out a win.  It's great to be a GA Bulldawg!

And just so I don't leave Hudson out, here he is doing his favorite trick at his tumbling class:
(he is the on in the white t-shirt with the teacher in the back of the room)

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Carrie said...

LOL! Hudson in his tumbling class was so cute. And, I can't believe how good Harper is at soccer! Wow!