Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Family Time

As I mentioned in my last post, we had such a great time spending the weekend with my family and I'm already excited for Christmas when we will all be together with my parents and Cameron, too!  One thing I love most is how we can all laugh together and we did plenty of that this weekend.

We all enjoyed sweet Sophia and getting to see how much she has changed (and I got my baby fix)!

On Thursday night the kids were running around outside, tumbling, and the girls were practicing cheers.  Handley started doing toe-touches...

then Uncle Trey joined in...

I just loved that these sweet cousins all got to spend so much time together with my mom.

And Hudson was just thrilled about this picture and getting to hold Sophia. :-)

And one more picture ... this one of my awesome cousin, Bryn, and the girls.  She came over last minute to watch the UGA game with us! 


Stefanie said...

I love all the pictures of the cousins together. They were so sweet with Sophia all weekend and I know she's going to grow up looking up to Handley and Harper and loving them all to death.

Julie, the mama said...

LOVE all those cousin pics, but oh my goodness, Sophia has gotten so big. In my mind, she was still a tiny baby, I guess.

Toe touches are a big thing around here, too, although I dare not try it for fear of not being able to move for a month afterwards!

Glad y'all had some family time, and I know Christmas will be just awesome, too!