Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wrapping up the soccer season

Last week was a blur.  But really, what week isn't like that for me.  Handley had early release all week and since she got out at the same time as the pre-school kids, it made for tricky afternoons.  I volunteered in her classroom two of the days though, so she was able to just leave a few minutes early with me.  I also had her conference last week.  Her teachers said she is doing great and has progressed a lot from the beginning of the school year.  They gave me some tips and suggestions of what I can be working on at home with her, but overall it was a good report.

One exciting thing that happened last week was my best friend, Jen, had her baby girl.  Baby Mackenzie was born on Thursday morning and I was so excited to get the text that she had arrived!  I got to go visit them on Friday at the hospital and just loved getting to hold that sweet baby girl.  I'm so excited for Jen, Justen and big brother Parker!

Saturday we crammed in all kinds of fun that included a birthday party, Harper's last soccer game, Handley's cheerleading and then a fall festival at our old neighborhood.  It was so great to see everyone and the kids had so much fun playing with their friends. It made me super sad to hear the girls asking us why we had to move from the place where we had so many friends.  I know once we are settled in our new house and meet some more of our new neighbors they will be happy, but these season is just hard on us all.

Cheerleading was fun and nice because it was an away game and the person in charge of keeping the clock some how kept things moving along so the game didn't drag on quite as long as usual.  Also, Walton won again and things are looking good for our team to do well in the play-offs!

Harper's last game was especially exciting because Gigi and Papa got to come watch her play.  Gigi, who just had knee replacement surgery less than 2 weeks ago, amazed us by making the drive and the incredibly long walk to the soccer field.  Talk about dedication!  Harper was so happy they were there and got to see her play a great game and score a goal!

Right after the game they had a pizza party and gave out trophies, which she was thrilled about.  She is so proud of it and has shown it to everyone!

Harper has been asking to take the training wheels off of her bike for a a while now so today was the day.  She still needs a lot of practice, but was really excited to say she tried it.

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Stefanie said...

Can't wait to meet Mackenzie! She looks like such a doll! And hang in there! I know you must be missing the whole crew from your old neighborhood but think of the wonderful friends you'll always have and when all is said and done you'll have new friends to add to that. Love the girls' face paint at that party. They look so cute and looks like it was a fun night!