Thursday, October 10, 2013

Picture Day and a Playdate

I've been meaning to give an update on Hudson and school. He has done a complete 180 from those first few weeks when he cried the whole time and begged to stay with me.  Now he gets so excited to go to school, talks about his friends and teachers, and walks right in with a grin on his face.  I'm so thankful that I stuck with it because he loves school now!  It just took him a little longer to adjust than most of the other kids.

Today was his picture day. I had a different outfit picked out for him to wear, but this weather has been so wacky that it's hard to dress the kids for school. It feels so cold in the mornings, but by lunchtime it is hot! Yesterday he wore a similar outfit and this morning when it was time to get dressed he insisted on wearing a blue shirt (polo) with "sleeves on, too" (white shirt under).  It really wasn't worth the fight, so I let him pick it out, head to toe. I can't wait to see how he smiled for his picture.  He sure was excited this morning before time to head to school though and was literally jumping up and down when I asked if he was ready to go.

The past few days when I pick him up he comes out of his class and goes straight for his bag and then raises his arms and exclaims, "GREAT DAY!" before I even ask him how his day was.  It's so stinkin' cute!

This afternoon after school we had a playdate at the park with some new friends.  Harper and her friend, Katelyn, are in the same class and have become really close.  Their teacher says she has never seen two girls bond so quickly and Harper just adores her.  I'm so thankful that she has made such a sweet friend.  Her little brother, Will, happens to be in Hudson's class so it works out well that everyone has a friend to play with!  The girls had fun riding bikes and as soon as we got back in the car Harper said she wanted to take her training wheels off, just like Katelyn.

Hudson and Will threw the football and kicked the soccer ball together until Hudson started getting tired and decided he was no longer interested in sharing.

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Renee said...

Yay Hudson! That is so awesome that he loves school now.