Thursday, October 17, 2013

Weekly Catch-up

Every night this week I've wanted to blog about the fun stuff we've been up to, but every night the kids have gone to bed late, putting me up late getting things done around here and then I was just way too tired to blog.  It doesn't matter what time I start the bedtime routine...I just can't get them to bed on time.  They get so excited when Robby comes home just before bed and there always seems to be something keeping them up.  Tonight though, it was my goal to have everyone in bed by 8 PM and I did it!  

Here is a quick update about our week from mostly my iPhone pictures (really hoping for a new phone with a better camera for my bday!).  

On Monday, Jen threw the cutest Halloween playdate for the pre-schoolers.  She went all out with crafts, decorations, Halloween cupcakes...the works.  Jen is about to give birth any day and I couldn't believe she felt up to all of this.  The kids had a blast though and Hudson loved getting to see all of his friends. 

He had fun painting his pumpkin (for a minute until he decided to go play with the race cars instead) but was super proud of it when we got home and was so happy to show the girls what he had done.

Later that afternoon the girls helped me make the football run-through banner for Handley's game on Saturday.  It was our week to do the sign and they love painting, so they loved this.

On Tuesday, I tried to get in this car...I had walked right up to it and was ready to hit unlock when Harper asked why my door handles looked different.  I looked up and realized it was totally NOT MY CAR!!! Oh my word. I was parked right across from this car though.  I blame it on Hudson because he likes to make a game out of finding my car in a parking lot and he spotted this one, pointed and said, "There's it is, Mommy's car."  Next time I'll double check before taking his word for it. I snapped this picture to text a friend who had a very similar thing happened, except she actually got into the other car.  I was cracking up thinking about her and then me almost doing the same thing.  Harper got a kick out of the whole situation.

Tuesday while we were waiting for Handley to get out of school we went to try a new park.  Harper and Hudson loved it and had the best time.  The weather finally feels like fall now and it's been so nice to be outside this week.  While we were at the park Harper surprised herself by crossing the monkey bars for the first time!  I was so happy for her!

This afternoon the girls helped me make treats for the bake sale at Handley's school fall festival this weekend.  We did rice crispy treats in the shape of pumpkins.  They were so easy and turned out super cute!

And this guy cracks me up. He thinks it is hilarious to sneak and find someone else's shoes to walk around in.  This afternoon while the girls were helping me I look down and see this:

His teacher is doing conferences this week and my meeting with her was this morning.  She told me mostly what I already knew, but said that Hudson is doing great at school.  He still has moments of being quiet or wanting to be near the teachers for comfort, but that he listens well, has a great attention span during circle time and other group activities and is very vocal about his likes and dislikes (especially during snack time).  It was fun to hear their perspective! 

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Carrie said...

The pumpkins are awesome and I love the picture of Hudson in those shoes!!!