Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Tennessee Aquarium

On Sunday morning everyone woke up bright and early. Thankfully, Nemo, happened to be on TV, so the kids were happy to watch that and get excited about our trip to the aquarium that day.

My kids love staying at a hotel and because we don't do it that often, they get excited about the little things like using the room key to open our door, riding the elevator and perhaps the best thing of all...the free breakfast.  They were cracking me up going down the line and picking out what they wanted to eat.  I must have made 6 trips back and forth to the buffet before Robby showed up from his run and I finally got a chance to sit down and eat something myself.

We got to the aquarium just before they opened and spent a few hours exploring all of the exhibits they had to offer.

The first they we came to were the sting rays that the kids could touch.  Hudson was obviously in awe! 

They all thought it was fun to touch them.

One thing that became a trend during the day was Hudson falling in love with the exhibit, yelling loudly with excitement while pointing and telling us what he saw, and then him crying and begging to go back to see more as I made him move on to the next thing.  At the end of our time there he finally realized that we were going to be seeing more and there were other neat sea creatures waiting for us.

Handley's favorite was the giant sea turtle!

It was really a wonderful aquarium and all three kids loved leisurely getting to watch and look at all the fish.

We left just after we finished at the aquarium and stopped for lunch on our way back to Atlanta.  We could have spent another day in Chattanooga though.  There was a large children's museum we were staying close to and if we go back we will also definitely ride the Chattanooga Choo-Choo we were told about.  The great thing about this trip was that we were so close, but even only going for one night we were able to squeeze in a lot of fun things and feel like we were really on a mini-vacation.  

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