Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Our Halloween started bright and early yesterday morning.  We were all up, kids dressed in costumes, and out the door by 6:30 AM so that we could make it to Handley's school to watch the first graders in the "I Love a Book" parade.

They got to dress as a favorite book character so Handley chose to dress up as Ladybug girl from the Ladybug Girl series and she looked super cute!

After the parade we made our way to drop Harper and Hudson at school for their parties.  Harper was thrilled...Hudson was not. He's back to crying at drop-off, but his teachers say he literally stops the second I'm out of sight so I'm not too worried about it.

I got to come back early to help with Hudson's party.  They had the cutest themed snacks, played some games and did a craft. It was fun to watch him in his class with his friends and he seemed very happy that I was there.

Harper had lots of fun at her party, too.  Her school BFF's mom was one of the party moms so she took these cute pictures of Harper.

After picking up Handley that afternoon we went by Robby's office for a health screening they had and the kids wanted to see his desk where he worked.  That turned in to a tour of his floor and a little pre-trick-or-treating.  They were getting all kind of goodies from everyone there!

When it was time for real trick-or-treating we went to our soon-to-be new house.  Some of the neighbors were having a party and it was so fun for us to meet some of the neighbors and for the kids to get to know some of their new friends.  I think it made us all excited about moving in because it's a great group of people!

Next year we'll have a house with a big porch to put our pumpkin and candy on instead of a Styrofoam cooler!  

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Julie, the mama said...

LOTS of fun stuff in this blog, but I have to tell you, Hendley saw Handley's drawing of the book and was in absolute AWE at what an amazing artist she is. And how cute she is. And how she just knows she "WOULD LOVE HER."

Kids looked precious trick or treating, and how exciting to think about this time next year...