Friday, November 22, 2013

Harper's Thanksgiving Feast

Today was Harper's Thanksgiving Feast. They dressed as the Indians and Pilgrims and she kept telling me over and over how happy she was that I was there with her today.  I know the one-on-one time with her is far and few between so it was nice to see her in her class with her friends and be able to help out with her celebration.

The kids chowed down on lots of yummy food and then sang their Thanksgiving song while they played their Indian drums.  It was the cutest thing!

Her teacher is so animated and sweet.  They each got to disguise a turkey so that the hunters wouldn't find their turkey for Thanksgiving.  While we were there for the feast Mrs. Mary Jo had the hunter puppet searching for a turkey, but came up empty handed because of all the great disguises the kids got to share.  Then they were all hung in the hallway...Harper's is the Christmas tree! 

A HUGE thank you to Jen who kept Hudson for me this morning and took him to his gymnastics class with Parker.  I felt awful even asking her, but she is like super mom taking care of a 1 month old newborn and two busy two-year-old boys.  She said they did great at their class and had lots of fun together.

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