Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hudson sleeping

Looking at the pictures I took today, you'd think Hudson slept the day away. In fact, he went to school today and had a wonderful day. He's back to not crying and being happy about going.

While he and Harper were at school, Handley helped me run a few errands and get some things marked off the to-do list.  She came home sick from school yesterday.  Thankfully the bug was very short lived and she woke up feeling 100 times better this morning, but she stayed home today just to be sure.

After school we all had lunch, went to get Hudson a haircut, and then were off to the girls dance classes.  Hudson fell asleep on the way there and miraculously I was able to keep him sleeping until we left there about an hour and 1/2 later.  He usually transfers really well and I just put him in the stroller to let him keep sleeping.  However, I'm in a rental car because mine is getting new tires and my stroller is still in my car which is still in the shop.  I carried him in, helped the girls get dressed, layed him on one of the beanbag chairs in the corner and he napped right through all of the craziness of that dance studio in the afternoons.

Back at home he discovered his hat and didn't want it off all evening.  He insisted on wearing it to bed and he didn't like my idea of just taking it in the bed with him...he needed it on.  I cracked up when I went to check on him a few hours later.  :-) He also likes to sleep with random things each night (last week it was a calculator one night, a pair of Lightening McQueen socks the next, and you can see the notepad right beside him in the picture below from tonight.


Ashleigh Finger said...

This made me laugh! I love how he sleeps with random things each night. I only wish I could keep Kate asleep like that during the day. Transfers are impossible which has really hurt afternoon naps!

Jennifer said...

Too cute! I think it's funny how they can be mini hoarders. And it's neat to see what they think is special/neat at this age.

And Handley lost a tooth?!? Oh my! Where did little baby newborn Handley go?? Can't wait to see her toothless smile in person!