Friday, November 15, 2013

Handley's 2nd Lost Tooth!

So apparently weekly blogging updates are becoming my new norm.  I would much rather post regularly like I used to, but I know I will get back to that again after we are in our new house.

Anyway, this week was another great one and we got to celebrate the middle of the week by meeting Jen, Parker and Mackenzie for a last minute lunch date on Wednesday.  The boys had so much fun playing "crash the race cars" together so Jen and I got to catch up and plan our Christmas card pictures.

As soon as I dropped off the little ones for pre-school on Thursday morning I went to Handley's school to help set-up for their school-wide Thanksgiving Feast.  I was amazed by how decked out their tables were and how festive everything looked when we were done.  I knew the kids would just love it and Handley came home telling me how pretty everything looked.

Later that day the kids put together boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  Harper and Hudson had helped me pick out items to fill the boxes earlier in the week and the girls really got into packing and preparing the boxes that will be sent to underprivileged children for Christmas.  I love teaching them about giving and service and loved seeing how excited they were to be giving these toys and items to children who have very little.

The biggest news of the week came this afternoon when I picked Handley up from school and she entered the car beaming.  She exclaimed, "I lost a tooth at school!"  WHAT?!?!?  I didn't even know her tooth was loose and neither did she.  How in the world did that happen??  She said she was eating her strawberries at lunch and just felt it fall out.  She was so excited and really happy about the tooth fairy coming.  We checked her other bottom tooth and it is slightly loose too so I guess it won't be too long and the tooth fairy will be back again for another visit.  Her teacher gave her a baggie to put the tooth in and although you can't see it in the picture it said "Handley's Tooth!" with a big smiley on it. :-)

We ended our day making a special memory that you can read about HERE on our house blog.

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Julie, the mama said...

That little missing tooth spot is precious, and oh my goodness, you girls had that school looking like a 5 star restaurant.

Still, the biggest thing I noticed on this blog is how BIG Hudson is getting!