Monday, November 25, 2013

Hudson's Potty-Training Bootcamp - Day 1

Today was day 1 of Hudson's potty training bootcamp and I'm happily surprised with how the day went.  Granted, he had plenty of accidents and we went through at least 8-10 pairs of underwear (if not more - I lost count).  However, he seems to slowly be getting it and had a few great success today.  We ended on the best note though.  We were sitting eating dinner and all of the sudden he exclaimed, "Mommy, pee-pee!" so I grabbed him, we ran to the potty and he went! Each time he's gone he has gotten to pick a prize out of the box that he is loving and that motivation has really been key for him. I filled it with different kinds of candy, matchbox cars, dollar store dinosaurs, and stuff like that.  Today he earned 4 prizes (M&M's, a car, conversation hearts and a lollipop).  He also hand plenty of opportunities to practice since I was offering him every kind of yummy drink I could think of (chocolate milk, juice, tea, and milkshakes).  

I can tell the biggest challenge for him is what I would imagine most little boys have a hard time with...stopping playing long enough to go.  He has no problem sitting, but if something doesn't happen right away he is quick to hop up and say all done.  We'll see what day 2 has in store for us tomorrow! 

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