Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekend Review

We had a wonderful weekend!  It got off to a great start on Friday. Hudson and I got to read to Handley's class, Hudson had his gymnastics class after that and then he and Parker were SO sweet together at lunch.  They are such good friends (most of the time) and were bonding over crashing their race cars on this particular day.  That afternoon Handley came home with a perfect score on a her spelling test and then Friday night Robby and I attended a work dinner.  It was really fun to get dressed up and go out.  Gigi and Papa kept the kids, along with the help of Great-Grandma and Sharon (Robby's grandmother and aunt were visiting for the weekend).

Saturday morning we hit the ground running.  The girls and I went to brunch with some of my friends to celebrate Sarah turning 30 and her being in town for the weekend!  It was great to catch up with Sarah since she no longer lives just around the corner from us.  Next up Handley was cheering for their football team's first play-off game.  She looked so good cheering and the team did great so we are on to the second week of play-offs next weekend.  Grandma and Sharon even stopped by to see Handley cheer for a little bit.

We stopped for frozen yogurt at RT on the way home and then it was a quick change and time to head to Ryan and Heather's house for dinner and to celebrate Gigi's birthday.  The kids had so much fun together and I just love how well they all get along. Hudson adores Rylan and tried to copy everything he did.  The girls were introduced to the world of video games and nerf guns, both of which they loved.

Today Robby had to fly out early for work and I spent the day getting caught up on laundry (I think I counted at least 7 loads) and also made turkey shirts for the kids. Everyone came back over for dinner tonight and one last get-together before Grandma and Sharon head back to Florida in the morning.

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Stefanie said...

I'm sure Helen just loves having all her grandkids together in one city and it's so nice that you seem to get the kids together so often! Sounds like it was a fun weekend!