Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lots to celebrate

I'm about 3 days late getting around to posting this because the past 3-4 days have been a blur.  Early mornings, late nights and lots of running around in between.

On Sunday we had two birthday parties to attend.  The kids were all super excited about seeing Annabelle at her skating party.  Mostly because we hadn't seen her since we moved (but they were also excited to skate!). I grew up when roller skating was the thing to do.  We would always go to the skate rink, loved school skate nights, and had so much fun playing games and going round and round the rink.  I really wasn't sure how they would do, but they LOVED it!  The whole place was rented just for the party, so Hudson had a blast running around and acting like he owned the place and I felt comfortable letting him (for the most part) because we knew most everyone there.  It's a good thing it worked out that way because for the first little bit I was running back and forth between Handley and Harper trying to keep them on their feet.  It took some getting used to, but before long they were both skating around and having tons of fun.

The skating rink had these great little things that almost looked like walkers on wheels to help the kids who were learning to skate with their balance and to keep them from falling so much.  There were still a lot of spills, but no one seemed to mind.  Handley got really good towards the end of the party and wasn't using the thing and didn't need any help.  She really enjoyed it most of all and kept asking if we could go back and go skating again.

When Hudson discovered the walker things he went wild running laps around the rink and pushing that thing all over.  He also started doing tricks like standing on it while I pushed him and spinning around and around.  It definitely wore him out.

I took a few videos of the kids skating, so click below if you want to watch.

THIS ONE is of Handley.

THIS ONE is Hudson doing one of his tricks.

THIS ONE is so funny because it shows Handley skating well and then Harper trying to show off so I will video her, too.  I thought Hudson was wild, but she is the wild one!

Harper was thrilled to be reunited with her sweet best friend, Reece, at the party! We sure do miss seeing Reece, Jake and my friend (their mama), Christy on a daily basis like we used to.

 After that party we loaded up and made our way to party #2.  I was so exhausted from helping the girls skate I didn't have enough energy to carry my camera along and take pictures. It was a dancing party though and all the kids had a blast helping Leah celebrate turning 3 years old.

Then it was time to come home for one last celebration.  Robby's brother and his wife and their son had arrived after their long drive from Colorado to Georgia.  They've flown every other time they come to visit, but had to drive this time because they were on their way here for good!!!  They just sold their house there and moved here this week and we are beyond excited to have them close by now.  The kid table said "cheers" as we welcomed Rylan to Georiga! 

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