Thursday, September 5, 2013

School Successes!!!

All three kids have had big weeks at school this week and I feel like it was just the weekend, but yet again, this week has passed by in a flash.

Harper was the start student this week which meant she had to make a poster with pictures about herself to share with her class and also got special privileges all week at school (including sitting on a magic carpet during circle time, sitting with the class mascot, and wearing the star crown).  She was super excited about this week and has been so incredibly happy each day.

Handley has her first ever spelling test tomorrow.  We did a practice test tonight and she seems very ready.  I'll tell you something though...being on the parent side of first grade almost seems like more work than when I was on the teacher side of things.  First grade here is no joke and she is working hard to stay on task, complete all of her work on time during the day, use neat handwriting, and finish all the homework each day as well as fitting in her reading time.  Thankfully the homework goes home on Friday and is due back the next Friday so we can squeeze things in when we have more time at home and not stress about it on the days we don't get back here until after dinner time.

The biggest success of the week has got to be Hudson's improvements at school.  He is still crying at drop-off, but both days this week his teachers said he was fantastic and did great.  No paci, no lambie, and no stroller at all!  He's been participating in the activities, playing on the playground, doing his artwork, eating snack, and best of all...having FUN!!!  I feel so relived that he is going to make it and I know the day can't be too far away that he will walk right into his class with no tears.  When I pick him up each day he is very proud to show off the art work he has made and so happy to tell me about school.  I'm so proud of him!

This was his first artwork that was hanging outside his class.  Each week they put up something they did and he has been too busy crying to do any art...when I saw this up on the wall when I picked him on on Tuesday I was so excited and happy to know that he must have had a good day.  Plus, getting to paint with the wheels of a truck was probably really exciting for him.  :-)

Today his class had spirit day and wore their school t-shirts.  


Julie, the mama said...

Yay on Hudson doing better. Yay on Harper's fun week. And I HEAR YA on the 1st grade. Oh my heavens; this stuff is the real deal.

Carrie said...

Yay! So glad Hudson is liking school now!