Friday, October 9, 2009

Dress like a FARMER

This week at pre-school Handley's class has been learning about the farm.  Today they got to dress like farmers.  (We were in luck because Handley is actually going to be a farmer for Halloween...more on that later.) I told her all about what she was going to wear, including her bandanna.  From that point on she kept saying she was going to BE a bandanna and she kept asking Harper if she wanted to be a bandanna too.  Funny thing is, she had no idea what a bandanna was until I showed her one last night.  Robby told her farmers say, "hey y'all" and this morning when I was taking her picture, she busted out with, "HEY Y'ALL!!!" It was really cute.  She also sang "Old McDonald" all the way to school.  

Posing with the scarecrow...because they live on the farm too. 

Handley was having so much fun being dressed up that Harper wanted 
to wear her overall dress too! 


Allison D said...

Your girls are too adorable!

Jennifer said...

Aw, I love both outfits...too cute!

Our Baby Girl... said...

What a doll! I bet she had a lot of fun Friday! I can't wait to see her little chick!

Renee said...

So cute! Reese is going to be a cowgirl...not that that is very surprising.

Katie Jones said...

So cute! Katie Anne dressed like a farmer for school last year, too. Aren't dress-up days the best?!