Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pool Party turned House Party

We spent most of the day indoors getting things packed and ready for our move. We've made a lot of progress and have most of the first floor in boxes everywhere.  While we were indoors it was hot and sunny.  Just as we get our bathing suits on and start getting everything ready for Hudson's pool party this afternoon it starts to thunder. I hope for the best and go on with our plans.  As we get to the pool in one direction it starts thundering and lightening in the distance and in the other direction it is clear skies. I decided to hold up and wait before getting everything set up and its a good thing we did because the storm moved right over us and we took cover under the deck and in the bathrooms.
Sad Mickey :-(  There was no saving the balloons from the downpour. 
When it finally let up a little about 45 minutes later we loaded up, headed home and told anyone who was still interested to come to our bare house instead.  He could have cared less and was so happy with his cupcake and friends! 

Robby was traveling for work last week so we waited and let Hudson open all of his presents last night when he could be here to see.  He had more fun opening than seeing what was actually in the gifts.  He likes them all now though because if anyone else tries to touch it he runs over to grab a hold of it.

Yesterday was also a first for Hudson.  I took the kids to the movies and it was Hudson's first movie theater experience.  He loves to watch TV and movies at home so I figure he would like it.  He sat so still the entire time, ate his popcorn and as soon as it was over was asking for more.  While I can't believe that my baby is two now, I am happy that I'm able to do fun things with all three kids like go to the movies and actually have everyone enjoy it!


Renee said...

I can't believe how much it has rained this summer. It looks like Hudson had fun despite the rain! How fun that you can take all three kids to do something together like the movies!!

Tiffany Fields said...

It was a hot and sunny afternoon, but it started to rain just as when you were about to dip in the pool. Weather can truly be a buzzkill. Anyway, the pool will always be there, so you can still hold a pool party when the weather’s nice again. Seems like they had fun with the house party either way. Tiffany @ Pools ‘n More