Sunday, July 21, 2013

Just call us the Clampetts

Today was day 1 of moving.  I'm shocked at how much we got done and how very bare bones our house looks and feels right now. I haven't touched the upstairs, but that is on my to-do list for this week.

Robby bought a trailer yesterday knowing that we will be doing a lot of moving over the next few months and would definitely get our use out of it.  Today we made two trips with the trailer and our cars to Gigi and Papa's house.  Besides our clothes, we are pretty much moved in over there.  Today, in addition to all the loading and unloading we did, I got their playroom area set up so they aren't going to miss a beat in the toy/playing department.

I'm sure we were quite a sight to be seen heading down the interstate with our trailer loaded down, but we didn't want the kids to feel like all of their things were taken away.  We hope this move will be as seamless as possible for them and making the kids feel comfortable is my number one goal (not that they are going to have any trouble because they think moving in with Gigi and Papa is the best news ever!).  While Robby is remembering the important things we might need during the building of our house, I'm planning ahead for things like their trick-or-treat bags, various Fall/Winter holiday books I like to read them, Christmas stockings and even our Elf on the Shelf.


Alison LeBlanc said...

Congrats, Carrie Beth! I hope everything goes smoothly over the next couple of months!

Julie, the mama said...

The title made me giggle, and reading this I was just sooo happy that things worked out just in the nick of time.