Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Babysitting Sophia

After having two mostly at home days catching up on things around the house after our vacation, the kids were super excited about the playdates planned for today.  This morning Handley's friend, Grace, came over to play for a little while, then we met our friends Avery and Morgan for lunch and next was time to head home for the big highlight of the day ... getting to babysit Sophia!  We got to watch her for a few hours this afternoon and the kids were all very excited to have her at our house.  They were all so attentive and she seemed to like all the attention and was all smiles, coos, and giggles.

As soon as she was ready for a nap the girls changed into their nightgowns and got ready to head down to their 3rd playdate of the day at Annabelle's house.  Yesterday at the pool all three girls had made plans to have a pajama playdate and that is exactly what they did.

While they were there Hudson and Sophia took naps and then got some good playtime in, too.  She was so sweet and I was kind of surprised by how well Hudson did with her.  We always joke that he is lucky he was the caboose in our family because he does not do well with having to share me.  Even if one of the girls is giving me a hug or wanting to sit in my lap he usually starts screaming and yelling, "Mommy!!!" When I hold Sophia he usually immediately starts chanting, "Hold you, hold you, hold you."  After the end of the time Sophia was with us he was really OK with it.  He did have to have his own blanket with toys spread out on the floor though. :-)  He cracks me up sometimes.

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Stefanie said...

I love that first picture of all 4 of them on the floor. So cute! Thanks again for helping me yesterday! I really appreciate it.