Saturday, July 27, 2013

12 hours and still going strong...

Today was day 2 of moving.  We used the trailer and our cars to move boxes and some of the smaller things to storage.  We got started early and finished up late.  The kids we pretty good all day and kept busy playing with what toys were left and "helping" as much as they could.  After three trips over there we were all exhausted.  The most fun the kids had was playing with one of the carts at the storage place. We only had one little mishap with it running away downhill with Handley on it.   This picture is of them, 12 hours into our moving day, and still going strong.

Last night our next door neighbors had us over for dinner to say goodbye.  The kids had a blast and Hudson was most impressed with Calvin's "choo-choo" collection.  He just about turned down a cupcake for playing with the trains.  They have been fantastic neighbors and their kids and ours have shared many, many memories together. Harper and Calvin were born on the same day, so they will always have a special friendship.  There won't be anymore last minute bike parties or hunting for worms in their flower beds after dinner like they have grown used to doing, but we will definitely still keep in touch and be back to visit.

Later that night and just before the kids' bedtimes they all hopped on Robby's back for a horse ride.  They are so lucky to have such a fun daddy!

And, I just have to say a huge THANK YOU to my best friend.  Not only did she come bring me more boxes yesterday that she had been collecting, but she also stayed and helped me pack! THANK YOU JEN!!! :-)

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Stefanie said...

I can't even imagine how you've been packing with those three running around! I bet you must be relieved it's almost done. We sure are going to miss having you down the street but can't wait to see the new place when it's all fixed up!