Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 2, 3, and 4 at the Beach

Day two of the beach got off to a rainy start. When it looked like it wasn't going to clear up anytime soon I got the kids dressed and we set off on a little outing to WINGS, the beach junk store.  The kids spent a solid 45 minutes browsing and picking out souvenirs (jewelry and t-shirts for the girls and a new bathing suit for Hudson since I somehow only packed one for him).

We came home for lunch and then had hoped to see Monsters University at the movies, but apparently everyone else had the same idea because it was sold out so we came home and moped around and hopped for sunnier weather.

Day three we woke up and couldn't believe our eyes to find the sun shining.  Needless to say we enjoyed a wonderful day at the beach and loved every second out there.  Hudson really loved the tidal pools and the girls had fun building sand castles, digging for shells and boogie boarding.

That night we decided to take the kids to play Putt-Putt.  It was a first for all of them and they loved it.  After the first hole Harper asked if they got to do another one and was excited to learn she would get to try for 18 holes!  It was Jungle golf so lots of caves, water features and "tricky" holes (as Handley would say).  I was so surprised and impressed by how well Hudson did. He loves playing with his little golf clubs so I knew he would have fun, but he did such a great job of waiting his turn, following directions and really being involved in the fun family activity.

Trey, Stefanie and baby Sophia arrived that night so the next morning the kids were so excited to see them and were hovering around Sophia.  They all just adore her!  It was another gorgeous day and we spent most of it outside in the sun and sand.  After the beach all day we swam in the pool and I enjoyed some time relaxing on the porch while Hudson napped.

We fed the kids early and then took them for ice cream before dropping them off at home. Mimi and Dadaw suggested that they take care of the kids for the night so we happily enjoyed dinner out with Trey and Stefanie and had a great time! Happy that this rainy vacation has turned into much better beach weather!

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