Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Hudson!!!

Today my blue-eyed baby boy turned TWO!!!  I can't even believe that he isn't a baby any more.  I love, love, love my girls, but he is definitely the one that stole my heart.  I don't know if it is because he is the baby or the only boy, but he and I definitely have that special mother/son bond people talk about. 

We had a very full and exciting day planned.  This morning we met friends at the pool to swim and have a picnic lunch. I was a little unsure about the weather, but it turned out to be a hot and sunny day...just perfect for the pool.  Hudson absolutely loves swimming so it was a natural choice for an fun activity.  

A few friends had left when I took this picture.  Such a fun day though! 

When the big girls were trying to jump in a the same time he was right there with them and wanted to join in, too. 

After naps and a little rest time for everyone we got dressed and went to a local restaurant for kids night.  There was face painting, balloons, kid movies and lollipops.  Pretty much kid heaven. 

On our way home everyone stopped to try out a brand new cupcake place that recently opened.  The cupcakes were delicious and there were SO many choices.  As soon as the kids started eating they all got super hyper and were laughing and jumping and being so silly.  They all sang Happy Birthday to Hudson and he kept looking around to see what everyone was singing for.  

I think it is safe to say he had a fantastic 2nd birthday and we can't wait to celebrate a little more this weekend at his pool party! 

At two years old, he: 
  • has a vocabulary that is getting larger by the day. He copies everything we say and really tries hard to communicate with words using short 2-3 word sentences.  
  • keeps a running commentary all day long.  We like to joke that now he talks more than both girls combined. 
  • is really attached to his paci and although it is supposed to stay in the bed (and I keep one in the car) he will often times sneak into his room to get it out and then just have a giant grin when we catch him with it.  He is good about putting it back though, when we are at home. 
  • has a sweet tooth like no other and will fight tooth and nail with his stubborn ways to get it. 
  • loves to run, jump, wrestle, tackle and play.  ALL BOY!!! 
  • is usually sweet with his sisters and loves playing with them. 
  • loves animals, but elephants are his favorite. Anytime he sees anything having to do with an elephant he gets so excited. 
  • thinks it is funny to try on everyone's shoes. 
  • loves to play catch and throw balls. He actually has a really good arm. 
  • loves playing race cars, trucks, and trains.  
  • is a very picky eater and refuses to try new things, but I know this will pass and eventually he will eat better like his older sisters.  
  • still loves his mommy, but is becoming very comfortable with other adults and I can see his independence growing.  

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Erin said...

Happy Birthday little man! Those boys do find a special place in their momma's heart.