Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wake-board girls

We have a couple of wake-board girls!  Handley got her own board for Christmas last year, but last summer was a little too nervous to try on her own. She had been talking it up and told us that this summer was the one.  A few weeks ago when we were at the lake she was so close to getting up and this past weekend she really did it!  Robby hopped in the water with her to help hold her board right before she started and then she popped right up as I pulled her with the boat.  She got up several times and really was so excited!  We've got to work on what to actually do once she is up because she keeps letting go of the rope once she gets going, but she definitely is getting the hang of it.

Not to be outdone, Harper decided to give it another try this weekend, too and Gigi was in the water to help get her started.   She has so much natural athletic ability that I knew she would do well.  She was up on her first try.  She stayed squatting and kept being pulled and then she got this cute look on her face like she was thinking, "I guess I better stand up now." When she did she fell, but I couldn't believe how well she did on the first try!

The rest of the weekend, was so much fun.  Hudson is back to feeling like himself so this weekend was  so happy to be on the boat, loved jumping in the water and swimming and even willingly wanted to go on the tube.  He loved every second of it.

Gigi and Papa were at the lake with us for the weekend and in true Gigi fashion, she came with all sorts of fun things for the kids.  Everything from glow sticks, stuff to make glowing magic fairies in jars, card games, toys and a fun family game we all played called Hedbanz.

At one point we saw something in the lake that looked like a turtle, but not the type we would normally see.  We drove closer and Papa exclaimed it was a box turtle and shouldn't be in the water.  It was out in the very middle and as soon as it saw us it turned and started swimming to the boat.  I couldn't believe it.  Like he wanted us to help save him and get him to dry land...so that is exactly what Papa did.

The kids all loved seeing it up close and then watching as he happily found the shore.


Julie, the mama said...

Ok, the girls on the wake boards are AMAZING. I don't know boys at that age who can do that!

And the box turtle story is so cute.

Finally, hip hip horray for awesome grandparents! They make everything fun.

Alison said...

Wow! You have some brave girls! Glad you guys had a great weekend!